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Management and strategy

Finance and Operations Director

We understand that for smaller buinesses the option of a full-time finance director may not be feasible due to financial constraints. We offer skills, expertise and experience on a part-time basis, meaning our clients gain access to an experienced finance director, but at a cost appropriate to their business.


Even for mid-sized businesses, it may not be necessary to employ a full-time finance director; a competent management account or financial controller may be sufficient. We can ‘top-up’ our clients’ business needs, at a level above their existing accounting operations, allowing a cost efficient solution. We can also source, place and manage a management accountant and work alongside them to achieve the client’s financial and operational needs.


Non-executive board member

The UK Corporate Governance Code advises company boards to engage non-executive members to constructively challenge executive members. Rippon Publishing Management founder, Jon Rippon, has more than 15 years’ experience on the boards of independent publishing companies. As a non-executive board member with a financial background, Jon can attend board meetings to work with your head of finance, and other executives, and provide independent input into your board’s plans and strategies.


Strategy, budgeting and forecasting

Working with our clients, we can create, review and implement targets and strategies. This may be at board level or at operational level. We can also assist with creating and maintaining budgets or forecasts.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We can work with clients to formulate a growth strategy through mergers, joint ventures and acquisition of industry peers. We can introduce industry experts in sourcing target businesses for M&A, and work alongside your legal advisors to cover aspects such as the sale and purchase agreement, bringing industry knowledge and financial acumen to the complex process. We have a proven track record of performing due diligences, setting up and maintaining data rooms and creating target and completion accounts.


Exit strategies or succession planning

We understand the importance for owners of independent businesses to have a clear and achievable exit strategy or succession plan. Working with our clients we can formulate realistic plans and line up client businesses for their owners’ eventual exit.


The sale of a business is hugely complex, and to optimise a sale price work should start many months, if not years, ahead of a planned exit. We can assist clients well in advance of their exit to ensure that the business achieves an optimum price. We are also able to lead our client through the sale process, working alongside their other advisors to cover areas such as due diligence, sale and purchase agreements, disclosure letters and completion accounts.

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