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'Turn-key' start-up service

Acquisition of mid-sized independent publishers by corporates leaves niche publishing areas that can be filled by existing independents or by new publishing ventures. But starting up a new business can be very daunting.  Rippon Publishing Management offers a ‘turn-key’ service, working with our clients from the very beginning; taking care of the business end, while the client concentrates on the creative side. We cover:


What type of business is best? We can discuss and advise our clients on whether they should be a self-employed proprietor, enter into a partnership or form their own limited company.


Business formalities. Once a decision is made by our clients, we are then able to open the business vehicle and attend to the necessary formalities such as Companies House registration, registering with HMRC for various applicable taxes (including VAT), opening a business bank account and compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act.


Investment. Starting up a new business almost always requires a level of investment, from clients themselves and possibly from other external investors. We can advise or create a suitable business plan for our clients to attract investors.


Tax efficiency. We can advise on various tax-efficient schemes available to our clients and their investors – these schemes include the U.K. government’s very attractive Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). We can also take care of the entire process to launch and operate under these schemes, including seeking advance assurance from HMRC, all shareholder documentation (shareholder agreements, subscription agreements etc.) and all compliance procedures required under the schemes.


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